Original Art

Original art by Kathie del Hierro

Not only a designer, Kathie del Hierro, Lead Psychological Designer for Wellness by Design, is a visual artist too!

The tropics...warm thick breezes and rich deep greens...a visual feast of flora delight...primordial sensations, places where life begins...it's here we find the tropics. We book our vacations, own time-sharing condos and a few of us chose to live in these tropical areas. The lure of a constant summer breeze is an irresistible temptation for all of us. Late afternoon walks in tropical gardens, the bougainvillea, the hibiscus and the bromeliads surround us with intense color.

Not all of us have been able to experience the tropics first hand; although, all of us enjoy the pictorial beauty of these exotic places. It is the delight in imagining a more primitive, simpler way of life, we share this. ~ Kathie del Hierro

Trees are forever in our life. In youth we peek at the sky through the leaves and branches. We climb the mighty limbs to our secret childhood places where dreams are born and ideas are explored. We look for birds nests and plea bargain with the family cat to come down from the highest bough. We go on trips to collect leaves for fun art and science projects. Trees are to disappear behind during a grand game of hide-and-seek. In youth, trees are amazing, gigantic and mysterious.

Our shared human experience knows the smell of the forest, thick, rich and sweet. We know the sound of the wind softly blowing through tree tops and the singing of birds in distant branches. We admire the brilliant colors, the deep lush greens when our earth is pregnant with summertime. The magnificent hues of autumn, in fire bursts of yellow, orange and red. Winter brings us to a contemplative setting, with the bareness of trees mirroring an exposure of our inner-selves. A time of consideration for the next growth cycle. Then spring, ah spring, sweet and soft, with blossoms and buds. A passionate awakening of color and light play through the trees and into the memory of our soul--forever we share this. ~ Kathie del Hierro

Texas is my home, the state is extraordinarily diverse. There's the Gulf of Mexico with beautiful stretches of natural seashore along Padre Island, the sand dunes of Monahans, the spacious places in Big Bend national park, cypress trees along blue-green rivers and my favorite, the Texas Hill Country.

The changing of the seasons in Texas is filled with an array of color that delights the senses. It's of no wonder that so many businesses and vineyards are moving into this vast state. Here are a few original oil paintings of some of the beauty to be found in Texas. ~ Kathie del Hierro

Here's a little more Texas, the rivers and garden's that are surprising finds. From Fredricksburg to a float down the blue-green Guadalupe river, these original oil paintings bring to light memories of the great outdoors in this beautiful state. ~ Kathie del Hierro

Water colours of flowers!

A step by step oil pastel of the lake country of Sweden during a summer visit.

Oil Pastel drawings of butterflies! This was a lesson I taught to my students each semester. I would always draw a butterfly as an example for them to learn by. A few have sold, there's a few left for sale.

Pets and people!