Why hire a Designer?

Real talk and what to expect...

First and foremost, a designer gives you an organized plan for a large job. From coordinating materials and color, to creating a purchase list on a spreadsheet, drawing out color renderings, collecting samples, calculating costs within a budget, lining up vendors, create timelines, and interviewing labor, these are a designers main skills in organization. 

Another main advantage to hiring a designer for your home interior is to save yourself from costly mistakes and quickly dated design trends. Not many of us have the budget to make mistakes, or choose something that will look dated in a year...yes, a year. Achieving a timeless look for your home, that is in alignment with your personal way of life, is what a professional designer can do for you. It's not all about making your space aesthetically incredible, which of course designers do, there's a lot that goes into the effort of making the dream come true...your space needs to be safe and functional too.

A skilled designer will be familiar with how to obtain quality items for your abode. Designers know their materials, quality items, and where to place them. They also know more than just a few tricks of the trade to achieve a high end appeal without breaking the bank. Homeowners on their own may choose the wrong materials for use of their space; this can cost a homeowner the expense of a tear out and redo...not anything, anyone wants to go through. 

Designers hold homeowners budgets in high regard. The "B" word (budget) is always discussed at the first meeting, so be prepared. Budget drives design. If a homeowner has grandiose ideals for a redo of their home that are not in the reality of their budget, a designer may assist with bringing them to a place they may afford. The opposite is a homeowner having too high of a budget for the space, a great designer will offer up a possible extension for another part of the home, or how to further modernize through technology of lighting, security and sound. Those little extras that enhance life.

Many times, homeowners dive into a project hiring a crew on their own. Sometimes things work out, and that's grand. Sometimes there are conflicts between the homeowner and the crew. Designers can serve as mediators if they are brought in after the fact. If you bring in a designer prior to the work, they may aid in the interview process of finding the right crew to do the work in your home. Designers with experience in the field can discern the skilled tradesperson from someone who doesn't know the field. A designer will also already be familiar with trade workers in your area. Hiring the right people is critical to making your dreams come true. This starts with hiring a designer!

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