Testimonials for Kathie del Hierro's design work...

"Kathie, of Wellness By Design, offered excellent color palette suggestions for the complete repainting and reimagining of our 40 year old modern ranch style home in Driftwood, Texas.  We love it!

When we reached out with a desire to update the exterior of our home, Kathie made site visits and spent time walking the property to consider all views and considerations. Her drawings were meticulous and her communication was impeccable.

Based on our inclinations, Kathie easily put a color palette together for a custom exterior appearance that had the 'personality' we were looking for! While we hired our own painter, Kathie gave us helpful suggestions throughout the job regarding  how to work best with our painter. This guidance helped bring our team together. Her "people skills" make her a great choice, Kathie clearly cares about a positive experience and a high quality end result.

Kathie is smart, well-trained and experienced, she listened to our wishes, she was completely professional and has a great sense of style. Our home is now updated with a beautiful paint job, fresh with clean, updated appointments we love. We are happy to endorse her work and would gladly give her more than 5 stars if we could! "
Paula King, Driftwood

"Kathie is a wonderful designer!  We had absolutely no idea before we met her what kind of design we wanted for our bathrooms. After meeting and talking with her for about an hour, she went home and sketched her ideas down.  When we saw them we loved them immediately!  She even helped pick out what materials to use and where to find them.  We couldn’t be happier with the design she made. Even our contractor was impressed!"
Sally Walter, Austin

"I had the privilege of meeting with Kathie from Wellness by Design over this past spring. I wanted/needed some help with some landscaping ideas, and Kathie was so helpful on everything from what plants to plant and placement, deck and hard scaping ideas and even researched what types of grasses would do well in a difficult area in our yard. Kathie will provide you with a complete design in a timely manner that is easy to do, especially if you know nothing about plants as I did. I now love walking around my yard looking at all of the ideas she provided. If you are looking for help in this area call Kathie from Wellness by Design. -- Geneva Dupnik, Austin

"Interior Design / Renovation Advice. I'd like to give a shout out and special thank you to Kathie del Hierro, an interior designer who helped me tremendously!  I've been trying to plan a light renovation and basically pulling my hair out over designs, colors, flooring etc.  If you need advice with renovation design, colors, products and even vendors, don't spend a month fretting over it like I did.  Call Kathie!  She has fabulous advice and is very reasonably priced."

 Jackie Trojanowsky, Austin

"My wife and I are considering building a screened in patio, attached to our home. We hired Kathie del Hierro, with Wellness by Design, to listen to our ideas and come up with schematic drawings to fit our needs. Kathie went beyond our expectations and provided us with information on what the city needs in permitting, the costs, and introduced us to her top patio builder. She also let us know, with her drawings, which are beautiful works of art in themselves, we could submit the elevation plans and schematic to the city. She did all of this in a timely manner and met with us at our convenience, after working hours and on weekends. She let us know that the schematics, both drawn and provided virtually, could also be used to obtain bids from any builder of choice. She was easy to work with, and highly creative. We feel she truly listened to our needs. She's a top-grade designer. I strongly recommend Kathie as a designer, she can put it together, no matter what's needed. She helped us see what it would look like before being built...that's worth a lot, as it helped us make decisions."

Shaun Roark, Austin

"When we had a serious fire requiring the gutting of the second story of our house in Westlake, we were rescued by Kathie. Over the 6-month rebuilding period she was invaluable as she filled the multiple roles of consultant, designer, and liaison between us and our contractor. The end product was a cost-effective and thorough remake, not only of our "bricks and mortar" but of out entire living atmosphere. Upon completion - and as subsequent years unfolded - my wife and I never walked into one of our rooms (bedrooms, bathrooms and office) without feeling a sense of both energy and serenity. We still do. Kathie's skill in choosing colors with just the right shade and light is remarkable. Her sense of proportion and balance is confident and satisfying. Her years as a public school art teacher and her post graduate studies in psychology have gifted her with the ability to optimize the parts into a gratifying whole. If you're lucky enough to work with Kathie you'll have hit the jackpot."

Fred Higgins, CCIM, Westlake

We had the pleasure of working with Kathie del Hierro from Wellness by Design on our kitchen remodel. Kathie helped us get through the process from assisting us in cabinet design, paint selections, countertops and tilework. Kathie is an excellent designer, really listening to the our needs and took the time to understand our sense of style. She made sure that the kitchen design and color selections would work with the rest of our home. She is a master at color and knows how things work together and has an excellent eye for detail. Our kitchen would not be what it is today without her expertise. Her knowledge, creativity and communication style worked perfectly for us. She has a way of helping you keep calm through what can be a stressful process. I would highly recommend Kathy and we look forward to working with her on our next project.   

Alicia Gonzales 

"Kathie saved our kitchen remodel!!

I highly recommend engaging Kathie’s services. Kathie is the reason that we have the kitchen that we have been searching for. Early in the build out of our new kitchen, it became apparent that the contractor we had selected was not capable of understanding our vision or providing the quality workmanship and attention to detail that we expected and was promised by the contractor during the sales cycle.

We recognized that we were heading down a bad path. Luckily we discovered Kathie and she worked with us on our tile, counter top, lighting and color selection. She was amazing during the process and was always attentive and provided the guidance and oversight to help us hold our contractor accountable.

Initially we reached out to Kathie for her help with design, finishes and material selection. Kathie transitioned from designer to owners agent providing project oversight, contract management and ensuring quality. As the project began to go off the rails, Kathie was able to provide us with the guidance to get control and complete the project on time and under budget. She provided references to resources she has worked with in the past that allowed us to pull portions of the work from our contractor to true craftsman for the counter tops and tile work.

Everything Kathie touched turned to gold and most importantly gave us the tools necessary to hold our contractor accountable ensuring that we got the kitchen we dreamed of. We could not be happier with our new kitchen that Kathie made possible."

Mike Lynch, Austin

"With Kathie’s expertise our home redesign came to life and my husband and I both experience great joy in our house daily. He and I could never agree on even something as simple as a color of paint for our walls and we wanted to do a major overhaul. Kathie sat with us, listened to what I liked and then asked him questions to understand what he liked. From there she went into deep thought and seemed to go into a trance looking up into space, then all around the room, then at each of us. A big smile came over her face as she said, “I’ve got it.” Her unique ideas for our kitchen backsplash and counters and colors for walls throughout the house and adding a few new windows turned our house into a shangri-la putting big smiles on each of our faces. I’m most grateful to Kathie for sharing her design genius with us -- Peggy" 

Peggy Morton, Austin

"Kathie del Hierro is a remarkably intuitive designer. She brought her skills to my bland, screened-in patio and brought it to life with color and placement of objects in ways I would have never imagined. This is a patio that I use everyday to relax on now. Her approach to color theory is unusual in that she doesn't follow trends. She listened to me, got to know me as a person and moved forward from there. She remarkably created a space that is unique to who I am in a very short amount of time. The design Kathie created for me takes the Texas Hill Country I live in into consideration. She pulled on color and elements in nature to bring the outside of my land in Wimberly, onto the patio. The screened in patio flows naturally to the land. She also considered the wine country I live in and brought in whimsey."

Louis Fridel, Wimberley