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List of Design Services

Traditional Design Services

What are design services? Design services include remodeling with project planning and design. It also includes those building a new home with interior choices. Creating mood (deck) boards is of great importance for a project involving new construction; a mood board makes it easier to go furniture shopping. Furniture placement, downsizing or upsizing in your existing space, or a space you're about to move into, is another component of design. This includes those repurposing rooms in the home after people in your life move out, or move in. Take a look at the gallery of design page.

From our initial meeting, to sharing a vision and budget, to the execution of the ideas, you'll find Wellness by Design positive and uplifting. You're going to feel good in your home. Call today to book your first interior design appointment.

Psychological Design Services

What sets psychological design apart from traditional design? Psychological Design meets the needs of individuals who wish to turn their environment into a space indicative of a particular mood. Not only will the place be gorgeous, as in traditional interior design, it will also use the design psychology behind color, contrast, value, form, shape, texture and balance to intricately effect the affect of people in the space.

Psychological disorders are affected by where a person lives. Sometimes, it's just a few simple changes in color and design that may brighten a mood, or create a calm space. Other times, it's a rearrangement of the entire space to organize, and declutter. 

Wellness by Design specializes in services that include sleep hygiene, relaxation, mood enhancement and productivity. Let's talk confidentially to enhance your well-being.

Feng Shui Design Services

What does Feng Shui have to do with design of my home? Feng Shui is the ancient design art to balance the energies of where your home, duplex or apartment is situated on land, to the people living in your space. Many times, Feng Shui involves simply placing furniture and objects in your home in a new way to create balance. Feng Shui links your mind, body, and spirit to the space you inhabit.

Water, wood, fire, earth and metal are the elements used for balance and harmony in Feng Shui design. Feng Shui balance, traditionally, is to bring good health and prosperity to those who dwell in the abode. Wellness by Design offers Feng Shui as a stand-alone service, or together with traditional and psychological design services. If you're interested in good energy flow in your home environment, this may be the service for you.

Art by Kathie del Hierro

The artwork of Kathie del Hierro focuses on landscapes in oil. She is able to draw well and paint well in all media. Kathie has the unique ability to visualize, in 1998, she was named a visionary student by the Dean of Art at the University of Texas in Austin. In visualization, Kathie can plan what a painting, or a room will look like before it's put to a drawing board, down to the detail. It's a unique artist personality trait that sets her apart from the crowd.

Kathie has sold work internationally, and participated in several one-woman art shows. Her art has been represented by three galleries and one art broker. Kathie is open to doing commissioned art for her design clients. Be certain to view her catalog on her art page.